SB1717, 7 Segment LED Display, SMD

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Circular Segment Display (SB1717-12) has 7 segments where two have both green and red LEDs, four have only green LEDs and the middle segment has no LED at all. This was unbelievable, but disassembly revealed that it is absolutely true. The display is common anode and every LED has its own cathode pin so no multiplexing is required.

Pinout: (A = Anode, K = Cathode, segments numbered anticlockwise starting at bump)
Pin Name
1 Segment 4 Green K
2 Red A
3 Segment 5 Red K
4 Segment 5 Green K
5 Segment 6 Green K
6 Segment 1 Green K
7 Segment 2 Red K
8 Segment 2 Green K
9 Green A
10 Segment 3 Green K

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